Earn money by showing ads on your LED backpack

Earn with WAADSU up to 25 $ per day *

Connect your friends to the platform and get bonuses *

How to start earning

1Download the appgoogle playapple store
2Connect your
LED backpack
3Watch the video instruction

Who earns how much?

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    Foot courierup to 25$
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    Studentup to 14$
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    Freelancerup to 12$
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    Promoterup to 25$
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    Schoolboyup to 4.5$

Where can I get a backpack?

  • Order or buy in any store in the world

    Check the name of the backpack to connect to the platform

  • Buy a backpack


    from 80 $

  • Get a backpack under a buyout agreement

    You sign a buyout agreement with us and wear a backpack with advertising included for at least 140 hours for 35 days

Most advanced and independent walkers


Kocharyan Christina

Editor, freelancer

Moving around the city every day, I see no point in not wearing a backpack with a screen. I do my business as before, and the extra money is a nice bonus


Bocharov Maxim

15 years in IT sales

Every day I write on various topics, including IT. It's great to be a part of technology projects. Financial literacy is very important and a backpack generates meaningful cash flow without additional effort.


Sokolova Nadezhda

SMM, media promotion

Advertising on backpacks with LED display is a new type of outdoor advertising. And since I like to promote projects, this is an interesting experience. I actively use it and recommend it to my clients, as it attracts attention

Find out your earnings

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- No route or strict schedule - here you decide how much you earn

- You don't have to carry a big box over your shoulders

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