Advertising on backpacks with a screen

Waadsu connects advertisers and city dwellers Advertiser attracts new customers in the flow of people A city dweller makes money moving around the city

Advertising in WAADSU is

Launch speed

A few minutes are enough for advertising according to the parameters you specified to hit the streets of cities

Shows in the city center

You yourself choose the locations with the largest concentration of target audience for broadcasting advertising

from 4 cents per minute

In some locations, one backpack can have up to 110 contacts with your potential client per minute of display.


Research in the city subway - the average passenger traffic on a working day is 69,600 impressions during the most efficient hours

58000+OTS =
~40%GRP =
0.4$ per 1000CTP

This is a completely new advertising channel. The walker is interested in its effectiveness, as it is his earnings.



Plug in your backpack and walk

Passive income up to 25,30$ per day - here you decide when and how much you work

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